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Untreated gums and periodontitis lead to unpleasant and painful ailments.

They are manifested by redness, swelling of the gums, an unpleasant smell from the mouth, bleeding when brushing, as well as high mobility and sensitivity of the teeth.

Such ailments can be caused, in particular, by immunological, hormonal and genetic disorders. The risk of their occurrence is also increased by smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Diseases of the gums and periodontium cause bacteria that are found in plaque. Regular check-ups at the dentist and tartar removal will help eliminate the problem, and a beautiful smile will be on your face every day.

One should not forget about proper oral hygiene, which will effectively help fight bacteria accumulating in the mouth. We invite you to our dental office today. A qualified dentist will assess the condition of your teeth and gums, and you will be able to enjoy a beautiful smile every day.

Periodontosis is one of the most common periodontal diseases, i.e. the tissues that surround and keep teeth in proper position. Periodontosis is caused by a bacterial infection resulting from inadequate oral hygiene. The risk of this disease increases with age. The greater the amount of deposits on the surfaces of the teeth, the greater the impact of bacteria on their structure. The most common symptoms of periodontitis include reddening and bleeding gums, dental necks exposed, tooth sensitivity, an unpleasant odor from the mouth, and tooth mobility. The sooner the doctor diagnoses the problem, the sooner you will get rid of unpleasant ailments. 


- deep scaling

- open curettage

- gingiwoosteoplasty

- gingivectomy

- frenulum plastic surgery

- Plastic surgery of the oral cavity

- gingival recession covers

- splinting of teeth

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Due to the epidemiological situation, from March 30, 2020,
we work in an exceptional mode in the office and accept patients 
pain and in need of immediate help.

To ensure the safest conditions of your visit, we have taken the following actions:

  • Medical personnel wear disposable personal protective equipment (mask, apron, cap, shoe covers) for each patient.
  • After each visit, the office is sanitized (disinfectants and UV lamp) and ventilated.
  • There can only be one person in the office. Accompanying persons are asked to stay in the car or outside the building. In the event of children being accepted, one parent or legal guardian may be found in the office with the child.
  • Patient registration is only by phone - 662 337 307 or 692 360 944. Initial epidemiological risk assessment is taking place during this registration.
  • Only appointments can be admitted to the office.
  • After reaching the destination, please wait in the car - when the office is ready, we will call you.
  • If you have had contact with an infected person, please cancel your visit.
  • At the beginning of your visit, you will be asked to wash and disinfect your hands and complete a survey. For personal items (wallet, telephone, glasses, purse etc.) you will get a disposable purse in which you will take the items with you.

The needs of each patient are different, so to best plan your time and direct it to a specialist, please contact us.